How to Host a Healthy 4th of July BBQ

Barbecue season is in full swing and it can be easy to give in to all of the temptations from heavy toppings and high calorie drinks to chips on the side and ice cream for dessert! So how can you host a healthy 4th of July BBQ?

Simply Grilled Chicken Breast

Simply Grilled Chicken Breast

1. Simple Seasoning

BBQs start out with the best intentions. Its basically just meat, vegetables and high heat. Cookout foods tend to lose their nutritious edge when they are smothered in sauce or oil based marinades. Grilling is a great way to add flavor to your meats without a lot of heavy seasoning or sauces – especially if you have wood chips or charcoal. Rub steaks, poultry, fish or veggies with a little olive oil. Season evenly with salt and pepper and grill to desired doneness. Allow meats to rest before serving.

Organic Beef Craft Burger By Rastelli

Organic Beef Craft Burger By Rastelli

2. Great Ingredients

Game and Organic Meats are a great way to avoid some of the summer BBQ pitfalls. Both game and organic meats are incredibly lean and both offer additional benefits. Game meats have a lot of robust natural flavor without the need for heavy seasoning. Organic meats are free from antibiotics, steroids and added hormones.


Choose a Salad Based Side

Choose a Salad Based Side

3. Smart Sides

Since the meat should be the star of your BBQ, side dishes are often an afterthought. Instead of making chips and dip your main food group this summer, look to make fresh salads featuring local ingredients. Using fresh, seasonal ingredients means you get more flavor without additives. Our faves are corn salsa, watermelon with feta and golden beets with goat cheese.

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