How to Prepare Red Snapper

Named for their snapping teeth, Gulf Red Snapper can be found in the Gulf of Mexico, the Caribbean and adjacent Atlantic waters. As the name suggests, it is a red colored fish growing to as much as 35 lbs; however, the most desirable sizes are between 1 and 5 lbs.

Red Snapper is a delicious and somewhat controversial fish that is great for fine dining, upscale pubs and taverns as well as seafood focused restaurants.

How can fish be controversial? Red Snapper prefer rocky ledges, ridges and reefs closer to the ocean floor in the southeast Atlantic Coast and Gulf of Mexico; making them a difficult catch both for game and commercially.

Though Red Snapper are found in large schools of uniformly sized fish, which is ideal for restaurant application, they are less commercially available due to permit restrictions and changes in the quota system.

Because this highly regarded and valuable fish is often subject to fraud, Red Snapper is commonly sold skin-on to ensure true species identification. This is a lean yet soft and tender with a pinkish tone when fresh and pinkish-white when cooked.

Skin On Red Snapper

Skin On Red Snapper

How to Prepare Red Snapper:

Perfect for grilling whole or as fillets it is incredibly versatile. If you don’t choose to serve in sushi or ceviche applications, you can pan fry or steam Red Snapper with capers, chives, cilantro, grapefruit, guava, lemon, lime, mango, marjoram, mint, olive oil, orange, tarragon or white wine.

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