Create A Great Labor Day Menu

Labor Day is about a lot of things, but very often the holiday is centered around food. The last major grilling day of the season requires more than traditional cookout fare. To create a great Labor Day Menu a great list of specials is a must. Here are a few items that can set your menu apart.

1. Organics  
Organic steaks are a stand out on any menu and while they may not be an every day item, creating a special healthy option for the holiday is a great way to test these premium products with your diners.

2. Fully Cooked Deboned Ribs In Sauce  

With an influx of customers who are enjoying the long weekend and looking for classic BBQ, Labor Day Menus need to be quick, easy and satisfying. Fully cooked items, like Bubba’s Q Deboned Ribs in Sauce (as seen on Shark Tank, Beyond the Tank and QVC) are simple and delicious. Plus, they save time in the kitchen!

3. Seafood for the Grill   

Hearty fish like Salmon or Cobia are great Labor Day items. They add dimension to the menu and create options for nutrition focused diners. They cook quickly and take well to simple seasoning and marinades.

Cook up these different and delectable items and enjoy your Labor Day weekend!

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